The Writer

Hello my name is Katie.

I already feel like I’m in some sort of AA meeting about to state my name, best intentions and addictions. Truth is it’s hard to introduce yourself to complete strangers. You don’t know me from Adam but still yet you’re reading my blog. It’s funny how life brought you to this moment and here you are, sitting here, looking at me. Who are you?

You’ll learn so much about me in my blog posts but I suppose there should be some sort of introduction so here’s the long and short of it.

I am however old you think I am. Go ahead, guess a number. Now take that number, divide it by 2, add 10, multiply it by 4 and subtract 15. You’re probably not even close but that was a fun exercise wasn’t it?

It doesn’t really matter how I old I am. What matters is what I have to say. And sometimes it even matters what I don’t have to say. I’m from a medium sized town in a large state, transplanted to two other states within my life and have found myself settled in North Carolina. It’s nice here. Granted I miss the four distinct seasons, reasonably healthy food and faster pace of the north I’ve come to grow accustomed to the demeanor and laid-back ways of my current home.

I have a family of unlike-minded people. We’re all very different which has been both a blessing and a curse… but I suppose that we’re not all that different from the family next door. Or maybe from your own family. Who knows?

Getting down to business… I have a mother. She’s a superwoman of a lady. She’s fun to be around, strong minded, opinionated and loving. She’s always good for a laugh and is stubborn as hell – which is where I get it from, no doubt. She’s committed to her beliefs and to making the world a better place. She’s an inspiration and a wonderful mom.

I have had the privilege of having not one, but two, dads. The first I was able to grow with until the age of nine. He passed away too soon and is surely not forgotten and terribly missed every day. He was a wonderful man, from what I remember. Memory does slip by after time though and I find the details to be fuzzy except to say that I remember loving him deeply and feeling safe, comforted and  home around him. His eyes sparkled. He had strong hands, worn by hard work and time. He had a belly laugh and a contagious smile. He was a very special person.

The second father I have grown to love with time, patience and understanding that only comes with maturity and self improvement. He went from a bachelor to married with two grieving, young children who were less than excepting at the time. It wasn’t easy for him and it’s taken me more than 10 years to see how much dedication and love he must have for our family to have stood his ground with us through the earlier years. He’s respectable, hilarious and caring, creative, fun to be around and most of all has certainly earned his place to be called a dad – and a loved one at that.

I also have a brother. He is two years younger than I am and lives too far away from me. My brother holds a special place in my heart. Although there have been things that have come between us – time, distance, etc. – he has always clinched that #1 spot. I don’t know what it is about the love for a sibling but, at least for me, it’s one that has never faded away. Sure, there have been times where we’ve been at each others throats but that seems to be a part of the deal. Regardless I hope that he, more than any, is safe, content, loved by many and happy beyond his dreams. I always will.

There are many other family members, many other loves, in my life. I will be sure to make mention of them in my posts. For now I’ll sum it up a bit more briefly and in true book jacket form.

Katie lives in a home in North Carolina with her boyfriend Nat and faithful furry companion, her dog Lily. When Katie is not writing she is enjoying a glass of wine, reading a good book, walking on the beach, going on an adventure, watching a good movie or spending time with her friends.

Now go and read the good stuff already…


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