Bucket List

Kick the bucket: One of the many symptoms of dying. (Definition courtesy of http://www.urbandictionary.com)
Side note: I was unaware that dying had symptoms. I thought death was, in a roundabout way, the ultimate symptom.

If you’ve seen the movie or heard the term I suppose you’re already quite aware of what the meaning of this list is. If not, let me enlighten you. Eventually I’m going to die. Did that startle you? It’s true, though. With that said there are things I would like to do and learn, places I would like to go and people I would like to meet before I “kick the bucket”.

I’ve always been a fan of making lists. Perhaps it’s because my mind seems to work at 100 miles per hour most of the time and I find comfort in having a reference point, or a road map, to get back to the ones I needed to think about a little more in-depth. So with that said this list will act as a means of organizing those thoughts and goals into something that could, perhaps, inspire me to DO instead of just TALK about doing those things. It’s worth a shot.

Goal #1:   Learn How to Blow Sugar

I could never be a sculptor. It’s true. However I’ve always been very interested in the art of blowing glass and even moreso in the art of blowing sugar.

It could be the bright colors, intricate details or simply the fragile beauty of this edible creation, I’m not sure, but something about it makes me scream I WANT TO DO THAT! on the inside.
I’m wondering if I have enough patience for it though! Haha. I’m quite sure I have the imagination enough to make some interesting things.

So, this is number one. I suppose now I need to look for some classes.
(Please note that this photo is not mine! It belongs to the  folks over at http://chef-eats.xanga.com/591163618/sugar-sculpting-101/)

Goal #2:   Visit a Monastery

“There are times when silence has the loudest voice.” -Leroy Brownlow

Monks are fascinating. I’m not going to go too in depth with religion but I have to say that even though my belief structure is a bit different from theirs I am absolutely in awe of their dedication to what they believe. There is a certain air of respect and dignity about their lifestyle. When it comes to vows of silence in particular I find almost a longing well up inside of me to be a part of it. I can’t imagine how clearly one could think and in turn see their lives before them when there is no use for words.

So really I’m adding two parts to this goal. Part one: Visit a Monastery. Part two: Take a (short) vow of silence. Now I suppose I’ll need to find one that actually is silent as most monks, contrary to popular belief, do actually talk!


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